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Your favorite photograph can also heat your home or office.

Choose from our three types of Heat-by-Design products

Create a Custom Picture Heater
Upload Your Own Photo
Create a Custom Picture Heater
Create a Picture Heater From
Our Photo Collection
Create a Picture Heater from Our Photo Collection
Create a Corporate Brand Promotional Picture Heater
Create a Corporate Brand Promotional Picture Heater

Heat by Design™ frames are constructed of a black resin material that offers superior dimensional stability through hot and cold cycles.  It will not warp or fade.  The frame has a built in TouchSensor™ switch that turns the heater on and off and has a green LED light to let you know it’s turned on.   The heater will automatically turn off after 10 hours

The picture is printed on a special aluminum surface that conducts heat.  The base aluminum is white and any large areas of white on the image will be glossy in appearance.

The images on Heat by Design picture heaters are printed with a commercial four-color printing process that uses ultraviolet light to cure the inks.  We use UV-based inks to ensure that your image will not fade due to heating or exposure to direct sunlight.

Heat by Design picture heaters require electricity for the heating elements to function.  You can neatly dress the cord and plug to exit the frame of the picture at the left, center or right side.  During the ‘off’ season the cord can be removed and you can continue to enjoy your picture throughout the year!

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